Why Postural Correction Exercises?

The human body responds, develops, and is maintained
according to basic neurological and biomechanical principles.
However, when the body experiences an accident, surgery,
trauma, chronic over use or even the lack of purposeful
physical activity apparent in today’s lifestyles, misalignments
and weaknesses almost always occur to some degree.

This process in turn causes the premature breakdown of our
musculoskeletal systems, making them susceptible to injury,
reducing performance and quality of life and prolonging
recovery. Left untreated, these compensations and weaknesses
can lead to further misalignment.

Postural Correction Exercises are principle-based exercises
grounded in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics.
Postural realignment is accomplished by applying a progression
of properly sequenced exercises that have been systematically
oriented toward each client’s unique needs.
These exercises retrain the neuromuscular system and the
biomechanical systems of the body, reminding each muscle of
the function it was designed to perform.

The goal of the Postural Correction Exercise is to bring you to
a state of muscular and internal balance. Unlike “core training”
or other specialty training, this exercise program is designed to
make your body a balanced unit, with all of your muscles
working together in balance and harmony.
• It is a method that seeks long term pain relief.

• Postural Correction exercises do not require special
equipment and are designed to strengthen your body

• The primary sources of resistance are your body weight and
the force of gravity.

• By doing a postural assessment the therapist can determine
your true dysfunction (i.e. the cause of your pain).

• By having your exercises sequenced in a specific order you
will learn to move your body