Bowenwork is Not Massage!

Bowenwork™ strongly affects the autonomic nervous system, the
system responsible for stress reactions such as the “fight or flight”
reaction, as well as the recovery responses of the body. When
Bowenwork helps reduce the “stress-oriented” dominance of the
sympathetic part of the system muscle tension decreases, nerve
hypersensitivity is reduced and the feedback loops that control
acute pain in the body are interrupted. At the same time that is
happening, the parasympathetic portion is reciprocally restored,
increasing blood and lymph flow, feeding starved tissue and
reducing inflammation. People can feel shifts in their bodies
during and after Bowenwork sessions while the autonomic system
comes back into balance. As this happens, the healing process
can accelerate.

Spasm and inflammation, normally healthy responses
immediately after an injury, too often remain long after and
become the problem. Bowenwork™ can directly relieve these
symptoms through reducing sympathetically maintained muscle
contraction and increased blood and lymph flow. While there are
often immediate positive results, they are just as likely to unfold
over a longer period of a few days to a week. Patterns of
dysfunction that have arisen over time may take time and
repetition to be replaced with new, healthy patterns. Bowenwork™
can restore patterns of normal function within 3-4 sessions with 3-
8 being an ordinary treatment protocol.


There are no contraindications that would keep a person from
receiving Bowen sessions. Bowen is safe and beneficial, from
immediately after birth to just before death.

There are, however, a few procedures that are contraindicated in
specific circumstances:

The “Coccyx Procedure” is not done on pregnant women.

The “TMJ Procedure” is not done on people whose jaws have been surgically altered at the condyles.

The “Breast Tenderness Procedure” is not done on women with breast implants.

More Information about Bowenwork

In a strictly medical sense, Bowenwork and the Egoscue method must not be considered to “cure” anything. Bowenwork And Egoscue stimulate the body to engage its own recovery mechanisms. Both Bowenwork and the Egoscue Method are non-medical and allow the body to initiate its own healing response to resolve whatever condition may exist. It rarely disappoints us.

How Many Sessions?

This varies greatly from person to person.

Many conditions are effectively and lastingly changed in fewer than 3-5 sessions.

Musculo-skeletal symptoms generally change the fastest, neurological symptoms the slowest.

Some chronic or organic conditions may require ongoing maintenance sessions.

Many people choose to have monthly or quarterly maintenance sessions (“tune-ups”) once their initial complaints are addressed.

Bowenwork is cost and time effective. Most physical therapist and chiropractors want to see you 3 times a week at an average $20 co- pay and between 12 -24 sessions. Bowen sessions Are 1 time a week and an average 6 sessions to resolve the same issues.

Bowenwork is unique in the field of bodywork. Its relatively few, gentle “moves” over muscle and other soft tissue address the whole body, stimulating it to reset and heal itself. The healing may occur at all levels as needed: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic, etc.

A Bowenwork session consists of several series of gentle moves through light-weight clothing. Several minutes are allowed between moves to give the body time to respond. In a Bowenwork office or clinic, a session may last from fifteen minutes to an hour.

The client usually lies on a bed or bodywork table or, for comfort, in a chair. However, Bowenwork can be done anywhere – on the sports field, in a hospital room, at the site of an accident, on an airplane or train.

Most often, a surprisingly few sessions are needed to alleviate complaints, whether structural or functional, even if long-standing and the results hold for a long time, generally until there is a re-injury.

Bowenwork is completely safe and appropriate for everyone from newborns to the very elderly and frail. Highly trained athletes and pregnant women benefit equally, each according to need. Although there are three circumstances in which a specific series of moves, is contraindicated, there are no contraindications for a Bowenwork session, as other parts of the body and the body as a whole will still benefit.

If muscle imbalances are detected during your session, the therapist will give you structural function exercises to help achieve muscle balance. Improving posture and stamina while reliving pain.