Most of my clients come to see me as a last resort before surgery. They
have tried R.I.C.E., conventional physical therapy and/or chiropractic. They
are always amazed that I can help them in so few sessions when no one
else could. Then they wish they would have seen me first and had their
relief much sooner since I have a 97% success rate with
shoulder/elbow/wrist issues and a 90% success rate with
back/hip/knee/ankle issues.

Here is a letter from one of my clients:

“Late in 2005/early 2006, my right shoulder froze. The cause was poor posture
while sitting at my computer compounded by reaching around my keyboard to
use my mouse. For several months I attempted to get it to “pop” loose by
stretching, soaking, and going to the chiropractor; nothing worked. On top of it
all, I’m a side sleeper and the pain made sleeping was difficult which did not
help the situation or my mood!

The gym at my company began offering massages twice a week with different
two masseuses. The Monday massage therapist did a traditional massage
with little or no effect. After two Monday sessions, I switched to the Thursday
massage therapist. There I met Sean Wolf. After reviewing the situation, Sean
performed a series of Bowen moves over a 30 minute period. At the end of that
one 30-minute session, the pain was gone and I regained about 75% of my
shoulder movement. I scheduled a series of 60-minute appointments and in 5
sessions had 98% of my shoulder movement and have been pain free since.
Today, as a result of Sean’s treatment and guidance, I’m still pain free and my
shoulder is 100%.

I highly recommend Sean and the Bowen technique to everyone and anyone!”